Dear Moms

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AuthorTopic: Dear Moms
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I just wanted to say Happy Mothers day to all you great moms out there. :)

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Have a wonderful day, saunders, Jewels, ef and anyone I wasn't aware of!

May TM leave you alone today. :P

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Originally written by Arancaytar:

May TM be gentle today. :P

But yes, happy Mother's Day, to all the motha's.

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Damnation i forgot!

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Thanks. I did have a pretty good day. This is the first year that the kids really took initiative and I was smothered in gifts of flowers, cards, and homemade jewelry. I especially liked the crayon colored paper crown from Bethany. Everyone @ church said it was lovely, too. :)

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I completely freaked out when I read this thread earlier. Then I remembered you guys celebrate Mother's Day on the wrong day.

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