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I've used the Mighty Mouse and had no problem with it except odd configurations chosen by other users. Is squeezing to bring up Dashboard really necessary? I've never even seen the new keyboard, so I can't comment.

—Alorael, who briefly tried a wireless Apple-like mouse. It lost its Bluetooth connection so often and chewed through batteries so fast that he gave up and went back to the good ol' corded, transparent oblong that Apple made for years. It's not perfect, but it's comfortable and functional.
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My problem with the Mighty Mouse is that it treats a right-click with my other finger resting on the left button as a left-click.

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Mmm… makes me appreciate the Logitech cordless, optical mouse I got in November. Runs on one AA battery that lasts about 6 months, and connection is via USB. It has yet to fail me. :D

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Amen to Logitech mice. They have to be the most comfortable mice in the world.

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My Logitech mice are crud catchers, and I think one failed. I'd love to have the ones you're talking about, though.

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Khoth, I think your problem is you're clicking too far forward.

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