Does anyone know?

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AuthorTopic: Does anyone know?
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Hi everybody, do you know the best software that converts video files to ipod format?
Please suggest me any. Thanks!
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That depends what you're trying to convert from, and what OS you're using. Personally, I've found pocket DVD wizard to be very good for windows machines (if you want to rip your own DVDs to watch on an iPod).

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On the Mac either iSquint or Handbrake.

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Definetely iSquint on the mac, and if you can spare 15 euros, get Visualhub. It's great, trust me.

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I have a program (Mac) called DVD to MP4 Converter (yes, that's the name). It worked pretty well when I last used it, although my CD/DVD drive no longer reads discs.

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Another vote for VisualHub. I use it to put movies on my iPhone all the time. If you want to rip a DVD, you'll want to use HandBrake (which also works in Windows, btw).

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Same IP block, same question, new account. Looks like spam, sorry.

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