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Originally written by The Ratt:

Originally written by Fibrous Beings:

Originally written by The Ratt:

Originally written by Thuryl:

Oh, I don't know. If you're in a marching band, there might be some circumstance in which you'd hear the word.
However in this case I fell as though I am the only person that got that reference.

If you dignify puns like that with a response you only encourage him.

—Alorael, who has done nothing to bring this thread back on topic. In fact, he's only making it worse.

I feel as though you didn't get the reference. The reference was to a song, "Pomp and Circumstance". So tell me, did you get that reference?

How, exactly, would I be able to talk about the pun without detecting the pun and therefore presumably knowing what Thuryl was punning on? To answer more directly, yes, I knew (and groaned) when I first saw his post.

—Alorael, who now has to apologize for both participating in thread hijacking and for quote zigguration. All further impunment should go in the thread for that purpose.
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Randomizer, if you're an experimentalist in nonlinear optics with an interest in quantum effects in microcavities, then there are probably quite a few post-doc positions looking for you. It's kind of a post-doc's market in this field right now. And physics post-docs are pretty good, really. No security, since contracts are usually two or three years at most. But the pay is usually decent, and one is usually treated with respect as a junior scientist, rather than as a zombie slave.

You can always go do something else again after.

Listen carefully because some of your options may have changed.
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I, uh, read a lot.

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Patent Attorney

What drew you into this field? - A number of factors:

1) Law runs in the family - my father and sister are legal professionals
2) Chance
3) I had an engineering degree and was going to law school so patent law was an obvious choice.
4) I liked the idea of working in an area of the law that most lawyers don't understand or want anything to do with. It gives you cult status.
5) I liked the idea of working with innovative inventions and being on the cutting edge of technology in some sense.

Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.
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Originally written by Ceylon:

Patent Attorney
I imagine you are probably in the DC area, then? :)
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