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AuthorTopic: Yay!
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I still like the police beat report in college where a student called the police in to investigate his dead fish that was lying on his desk outside the tank. He wanted them to find out who killed his fish. Investigators reported it as a suicide.
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Nice picture! That one with the dirtbike and rider was very very very very good as well.
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Originally written by Dryth'tor:

Worf won a photo contest. For the winning pics, click here.

He won 1st place in under 18 pets/wildlife, and a runner-up status in under 18 humorous.

I won a $250 fishtank, so I guess I'm getting fish. Suggestions are most welcome.


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Originally by Lazarus:

I'm pretty sure they died on their own and the snail just ate their corpses.
Alternately, if it wasn't the last fish in the tank, it might have been nibbled on by another fish.

On a related note, my family once lost a batch of fish in a similar manner. We pulled one fish out of the tank and into a seperate bucket because it was acting so oddly we thought it might have been partly responsible for the one-by-one deaths of the other fish. That separated fish was the only one to survive.

(In hindsight, it was probably some sort of disease, although I think we tried cleaning the tank.)

Dikiyoba's only real experience with fish are those little 25-cents-apiece feeder goldfish (probably not what you're looking for) and a catfish. The catfish was pretty cool, in the sense that it lived a long time and grew to a rather large size.

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Axolotls are pretty awesome.

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I had my eyes set on a slime sucker, aka algae eater.

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