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Yeah, because all people who have bought Spiderweb games are members of the boards.

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Just like you can't have a poll without the majority of posts about it being (usually unjustified) negative criticism.

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No negative criticism of a poll is ever unjustified.

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What about the games you've played entirely without buying? I can think of three likely situations in which this would come up, and only one of them is TM.

—Alorael, who also wants to know where to list games that one has bought but never played past the demo area.
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The other one is as a beta tester. What's the third?

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Originally written by Thuryl:

No negative criticism of a poll is ever unjustified.
Agreed. The point of poll criticism isn't just to be critical, it's to provide insight. As Aaron Levinstein said:

"Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital."

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Originally written by Dr. Johann Georg Faust:

The other one is as a beta tester. What's the third?
Piracy? But some might classify that as "TM".

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All of Avernum, either bought or as a beta tester.

Ocean Bound, played the demo. :P

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TM? Wha?

O internet acronyms, you exclude me again. *weeps*
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Terrors Martyr, maker of twenty-something Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum scenarios, active in the community, and banned from these forums because of his dirty mouth. He still hangs around The Lyceum and Desperance, and when he has something important and not CoC-breaking to say here (for instance, when he releases a new scenario), he gets someone else to post it for him.

The third option would presumably be playing someone else's legally obtained copy.

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I have a few games that are past demo, but I haven't finished. Then there is Galatic Core that I bought, but never got around to loading the registration code in or played.

Almost all of them I've played through a few times and I eventually will finish the others.
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People have occasionally gotten the games for free as well. For example, one of the possible prizes for the BoA scenario design contest was a Spiderweb game.
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Yes, the third option is probably winning an SW game in a contest, which several people have done. (I found BoE to be a fitting prize for SubTerra design contest.) Talking about which, why isn't SubTerra in this poll?

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Talking about which, why isn't SubTerra in this poll?
Sorry, I never thought of it, since I have a Mac.

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I consider piracy "TM" and was thinking of borrowing someone else's copy, which is a bit tricky but doable with shareware. I didn't think of getting a free copy, but I consider that in the same spirit as buying. You may not pay money, but you have to do something to get it.

—Alorael, who puts receiving it as a gift in the same category. Reverse engineering and recreating the game, on the other hand, is a truly distinct category.
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