The U.S. and Iraq

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AuthorTopic: The U.S. and Iraq
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I have realized that the only solution that you would accept is if you (or your fellow anti-government conspirators) were given control over the federal government.
I said I wish the government be overthrown. I would have no interest in actually governing any group of individuals. To make it straight, if the current government could shape up without being overthrown then I would be happy, but that isn't likely.

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I have learned, through sources available only to members of my supersecret, ultraselective society, that the latest audit of government shows that it is incapable of duplicity due to two factors.

Sheer size.
Complete stupidity.

When one hand doesn't even know where the other hand is, or even if it is, in cfact, a hand, it has a low probability of managing a convincing alibi.

There. You satisfied now? I didn't want to have to go waving around my huge membership in this society, but you tested my patience and now I've done it. Hope you are happy.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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