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AuthorTopic: Why You Suck
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Originally written by Synergy:

You don't seem to understand that I am wholly indifferent to your attitude toward me. I just wanted to be clear on something. There are, I would guess, a whole lot of people here who are not your sort or type, Lucien. Your type, I believe, is found in concentration at Desperance.


You should know better than to classify people like that.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

The original topic of the thread is coming through loud and clear. Thuryl is telling Synergy why he sucks.
It would have been more interesting if he actually were. Mostly he's just been asserting that I suck, not why. I'm usually more interested in why people believe what they believe than merely in what they believe.


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Synergy, you profess to be above it all but you keep swinging in the verbal melees. Be the better person and stop posting when you're obviously just fanning the flames.

Thuryl, we know you enjoy a good game of intellectual abuse. There's no need to rub someone's face in it.

Kel, drop arguments when they need to be dropped. Plausible deniability doesn't mean you're not doing your part to keep the exciting Synergy-kicking contest going.

All of you, If you are going to variously insult and ignore each other, please do it elsewhere. There are three other forums in which you can engage in this discourse and IM has already been brought up several times.

Don't do it again. This conversation is over.

—Alorael, who is once again very disappointed that three otherwise (mostly) rational members of Spiderweb can't get along civilly no matter how unreal their relationship may be.
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