A Statistically Happy New Year!

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AuthorTopic: A Statistically Happy New Year!
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Originally written by Bismark*:


Argg!!! I cannot superscript here.

Typically, you'd do something like "(meta)^4".

This of couse begs the question, what is the product of (meta)x(meta)?
Or, even more significantly, what is the product of (spam)x(spam)?

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Originally written by Tyranicus.:

Avernum Risk. Empire vs. Avernum vs. Vahnatai
This would be awesome. Include slith, nephilim, and bandits for the normal 6 players... or maybe I'm just thinking about this too much. We've been playing this a lot in my suite lately.

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Originally written by Lenar Labs:

Or, even more significantly, what is the product of (spam)x(spam)?

I don't know about that, but this is what (spam)*(spam)*(spam) looks like:


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Aahhh! That poor computer!

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Not being able to see rankings while the Endeavor bot was resting didn't do much to reduce spam. It would take direct action from the mods and admins to reduce it.
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You know, the recent high spam counts could be almost completely eliminated with the locking of this single thread itself. Faith in the system is, once again, misplaced. Viva spam.

You lose.
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Actually, removing individuals from the rankings temporarily would be interesting. Maybe the top ten, or the top five, of each month, should only reappear on the spam rankings after two more months have elapsed. It would at least be chaotic.

—Alorael, who is pretty sure that most (meta)x(meta) is 0. Metas are usually parallel, as they are in this case. (meta)•(meta) is probably the more useful product, and it's simply meta^2.
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Interesting concept, Alo - after all, I do have the technology for delisting members in place. I'd just need to add some kind of forced privacy setting that couldn't be changed...

Oh, and I agree that this thread has taken a direction I don't like. Fortunately, unlike others who have their threads hijacked in the name of spam, I can do something about it. *waves staff*


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