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'Sasquatch' sounds like something related to a pumpkin. Or maybe some kind of corn bread.

There was a resolution trying to be passed at the Senior Ohio Model United Nations conference this year. It went a little something like this:


Nation: Bhutan
SUBJECT: Migoi Preservation

WHEREAS, the Migoi "yeti" is known the world over as a mysterious zoological beast by renowned scientists, and

WHEREAS, evidence and sightings across the planet such as the short film of Bigfoot wlaking in a river bank in 1967 by Roger Patterson fuel the dive to help the world realize that the beast is face, and

WHEREAS, a recent expedition by several renowned zoologists in eastern Bhutan discovered a substantial amount of animal hair whose DNA did not match any other known animal species or human, and

WHEREAS, the animal is fact and needs to be recognized as an endangered species and should be protected along with the environment in which it lives, and

WHEREAS, such achievements have been made in other predominant countries where it is illegal to hunt the Migoi's cousin, the Sasquatch, and

WHEREAS, the kingdom of Bhutan has also strived for success in this field with the opening of the Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary as a means to protect the beast from extinction, and

WHEREAS, the kingdom of Bhutan is now having substantial trouble financing the park's maintenances and rangers who patrol the area, and

WHEREAS, the park has helped lead the way with the preservation and protection of the animal with also having a bright future of showing other countries how to help this world wide issue, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that this great council creates a committee of zoologists and other great leasders in the science of mammals and the statures of which the animal community is protected and preserved to
1. Help spread the knowledge to the rest of the world that the beast is factual.
2. Provide a seat on the world endangered species list for the Migoi.
3. Find the means to supply foreign aid to help lessen the burden of the Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary on the people of Bhutan.
4. Help educate other countries where the Migoi and its relatvies are populous, on how to protect the creature and its environment such as the efforts set forth by the Bhutanese people and the Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary.

Now there's some food for thought.

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Tomorrow's leaders in action, today.

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Actually cryptozoology also applies to species that haven't been found yet that are from dinosaur eras (pick one) and are still around in remote locations. They're still looking in the jungles of Africa and the Amazon rain forest for previously unseen by "civilized" man. It doesn't help that the hoaxes waste time and detract from real research.

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realize that the beast is face
At first I assumed the typo meant "fake", not "fact", but it made little sense in the context. An odd combination of the two terms.

Edit - Quote of the day:

Richard Feynman:

Philosophers say a great deal about what is absolutely necessary for science, and it is always, so far as one can see, rather naive, and probably wrong.

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