Who do you love, baby?

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AuthorTopic: Who do you love, baby?
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We've all had to interact with the folks at Spiderweb Software, and clearly there are some favorites. So, who do you love?

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Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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I voted for the boneless, venomous monstrosity.

Then I changed my mind because she banned me and Djur over a JeffKism and voted for Spider instead.
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Jeff, of course. For Geneforge Series. Ahem. *shut*

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I voted for the spider, of course. How can you be annoyed by a GIF... oh, right.

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Dikiyoba voted for Spider as well.
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I voted for the ugly, eight-legged freak.

Oh so many jokes. So little time.

Yeah, so.

Spider gets my vote.

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Y'all noticed then that I left it wide open. You could have voted for all six of them.

You know, in case you couldn't figure out who was who and wanted to make sure you voted for your favorite anyways...


Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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I voted for:
Cordelia: cuz I love kids, and well Tyra just loves her. The woman holding the gun: cuz I thought it was a cool picture. And Jeff: cuz that has to be the best picture I've ever seen of him.
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Everyone knows I voted for Mariann, Jeff's gun-toting Hungarian spouse.

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Jeff because he's reppin' the 90s in that pic.

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Despite Cordelia, and her imfamous body parts, I find myself voting for Spider.

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