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Thank you all.
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I don't really get it. Is that Asthon Kutcher in one of the pictures, and are you saying he should be the new pope?

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Originally written by Cairo Jim:

I don't really get it.
Me too. I tought it was a celebration topic...

Strange, I remembered that Worst Man Ever have more posts...


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Alec has many accounts. Altogether, the ones I know of have 5145 posts. I didn't search very thoroughly.

Enough said?

That doesn't explain why he chose exactly this number to celebrate though. But nobody who understood it was willing to explain the last time either, so I fear that'll remain a mystery. It also doesn't explain the images, although their number could coincide with the number of accounts.

Edit: I also found another of Alec's multis, which brings the post tally to 5158. Curiously, the last two posts elude me.

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Damn you.

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Congrats Alec!

I bet the turtles ate the last two posts.

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If you multiply the year the Khilji Dynasty of Delhi began by the number of years in a Presidential term, you get 5160. Right?

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How much do I despise post brag threads? Let me count the ways...

Apologies to Shakespeare, who is probably spinning in his grave right now.

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