Native Americans

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AuthorTopic: Native Americans
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Being a teacher is a very noble thing as one generally does it sacrificing decent pay for merely the intrinsic reward of either doing something good for society or doing something they enjoy. I would not recommend going into teaching at a pre-college level if you are not motivated by at least one of those.

If you want good money (not excellent), with llimited hours and good benefits, consider employment with the US federal government. Not to say there are not people who work very hard in the public sector, there are, but there are also a lot of other government employees who make a bit for very little.

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Originally by Dinos In Khaki Invest Yen On Big Ad :
Mice and rats are actually a lot closer to humans than you might think. Here's an interesting article. It's a few years old, but that shouldn't matter much.

:eek: I guess I was wrong. Thanks for pointing this out.

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