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Okay. I haven't been keeping track of Pralgad much, and I suspect that most people (until recently) have not been keeping track of Valorim. And heck- who knows anymore what's going on in Avernum? So if you wouldn't mind, post in the most concrete terms what status your faction is at:
(And unlike the "faction roster," this is for people who already know who you are but have gotten lost)

The Guild
The Guild has anonymously used its pirates to attack Krizsan. It has destroyed their harbors. It has disseminated a cure for the Hunters' mind control via the water supply, eliminating Tygra's magical mind control. It currently has no stake in the Anama/Dominion conflict.

The Alliance of Science and Education
The ASE is a temporary name given to a new government headed by ex-Commander McCallister in name only. Lyonard has killed Tygra and allowed McCallister to take power, and is now gaining power behind the scenes, using anonymity to his advantage. Hunter rebels are outside of Krizsan, but the ASE has the support of the army. The cities and everything else outside of Krizsan support Tygra still (since they have no news of the attack other than the cities who know that it was happening), but the majority of the army is in Krizsan.

The ASE has not contacted any factions yet.

(I plan on handing this faction off to anyone who's interested.)

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Lartaynior has consolidated his postition in the Great Cave, holding everything but Dharmon and has made alliances with Khoth's Disciples and the Avernum Protection League. The expeditionary force sent to Mertis was wiped out to a man by hordes of undead. Lartaynior and his army have just narrowly escaped disaster in the city of Torfen (in the steam caverns between Almaria and the ToM) when the NPC Ohvol reached the city.

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Frahif Nephilmerhas Firanas

An army consisitng of about 300 well traied Nephilim warriors and archers and some poorly trained mages, and fairly well trained mages, has left its main base in the mountain of Northern valrim and is now waiting to go on at Dorngas. mernal, the leader of the army has sent five spies to spy on certain factions in Pralgrad an Valorim. Three spies have reached their goal (keepers of knowlegde, Fort Emergence and the Gonlin Goblins' army at the Keepers of knowldge's citadel). the other two are still on their way to northern Pralgrad and the southern Karnold isles.

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I have a few projects going at the moment.
Hrelkh, the overseer of my defenses, is working on a way to detect the source of scrying from the location the scrying had been targeted.Mhiriun, the overseer of my portal, is feeding my portal's mind so that it can expand it's mental sight of the area in a circle around it. It can teleport anyone who makes mental contact with it and it can see to any other place it can see. This sight ends in any specific direction when it hits solid rock. (No, it is not capable of independant thought and no, nobody sees what it does, it was just a metaphor.)Hka'adh, normally my field marshal, is now using the hoards of undead he has been charged with in building a dam across the river east of Erika's tower. Since he has been expressing comments that have made Krahn suspect he may be chafing under Krahn's command, Mrundh, Krahn's student, has been placed alongside Hka'adh to inform Krahn if Hka'adh is planning any form of uprising.

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Khoth's Disciples
Trade has been established with the Knights of Old Avernum. After exploring most of the Eastern Gallery, Acrio Sulfi has ordered the rebuilding of Fort Dranlon.

A small NPC faction in far eastern caves. They have traveled up from the lower caves to track Ohvol. They are lead by Iktin-bok.

Fort Duvno
Another NPC faction. Currently barricading themselves inside the town.

A creature from the deepest caves. Ohvol has lead to the destruction of almost all of the towns in the Eastern Gallery. He is believed to have gone south towards the Mertis and the Tower of Magi.

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Order of Krell

The Order has deployed a small group to go investigate the remnants of the Hunters, and a large party to investigate the mainland of Vantanas.

The city of Woodsmuir (ex-Imperial capital of Vantanas) is held by one King Accis, and the Order is currently trying to parley with him.

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Alliance for Science and Education - McCallister
Distinct from the ASE of Lyonard, in a sense; where Lyonard acts as a shadowy manipulator, controlling the day-to-day affairs of the rebellion, McCallister has actually managed to build a sturdy ideological and intellectual base for the Alliance and has built himself up as a respected and beloved leadership figure. While in several crucial respects he defers to the judgement of Lyonard, he is proving an extremely difficult puppet.

Has sought out the aid of the Guild in breaking the Hunter remnants; intends to hold off the release of the promulgation on magic until such a time as the Alliance is clearly in control of the show in Krizsan.

Abyss Knights
In stasis awaiting the completion of the Completely Harmless Circus plotline; lead by bumbling but apparently invincible Boleslaw, himself lead by a shadowy council of dynamic elders known as the Masters. Boleslaw is also a difficult puppet, but owing more to his strong-willedness than any kind of boundless romanticism or powerful intellect.

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The Looters

The Looters attacked Krizsan with the Guild, winning the battle but losing their objective (the magical tome) when the Hunters burnt it.

More recently, Drale sent ten elite soldiers out to villages and towns to find and kill Agents. Currently one Agent and one soldier have perished.

The Looters have an alliance pending with the KIL (Karnold Isles League). They have plans to combine their own armies, the Anama's, the Guild's soldiers, and KIL forces for a devastating attack on the Dominion. Drale wants access to the magical library Demetrius has.

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Righteous Return

Embroiled in conflict. Currently besieging the backstabbing Bandits of Bordrao and plan further attacks on the goblins. Have an alliance with Kaz but nothing has come of it yet.

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He means that Kaz hasn't posted again ... yet.

Order of Kaz
The Order has consolidated its position around south-western Pralgad. Alliances with Solaria and Righteous Return, troubles with the Goblin Goblins and the Jsoulza nephilim. Currently have one army posted to the northern border at an ancient temple, and one party on a quest for knowledge to the Keepers of Memory.

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Solaria Group:

Other than the early fight with some nephils, the SG have not done much. Have an alliance with Order of Kaz, and are planning more violence against Jsoulza nephils.

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Might as well.

NPC being played by me seeing as nobody else wants to have some fun with him. Largely mysterious character, all that is known is that he can shapeshift and cloud the minds of those nearby. Currently travelling from Mertis to the Great Cave for unknown purposes.

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