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AuthorTopic: Testing
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Excellent Alex, I liked the rest of them as well. Does it take you long to create them?
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Gimp (freeware and open-source) has an add-on for animation, although I haven't used it.
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I use this.

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Wow, that was pretty cool, Alex.

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Oui, extrêmement drôle. :D

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Hmmm, is there a Mac version somewhere?

EDIT: Nice animations, Alex!

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Originally written by Inthrall:

Hmmm, is there a Mac version somewhere?
A Mac version of which program? A whole mess of different programs have been mentioned in this topic, some of which have Mac versions and some of which don't. In any case, if you want to find Mac versions of software, try VersionTracker.

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Very, very good Alex!

Now all you need to do is have the turtles wandering aimlessly around. :)

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Is it just me, or those fluffy turtles realy cute.
I mean, their little faces and fluffy bodies, they're just so cute! :o
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Beware for things that cute. just look at the mean moster of Doom at the holy grail! That was a fluffy rabit, but it was a beast! A beast I tell you! he killed Borse!

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