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Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon:

Oregon is the only state with an assisted suicide law. Therefore, requests for deletion will only be honored for residents of that state. Voluntary deletion requests originating in other states, or countries, are subject to the laws in those areas.

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I don't mean deletion of your own account, but of one which is tying up a PDN you'd like.

Originally written by Kelandon
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No states have legal assisted murder.

Except, just maybe, Texas.

—Alorael, who should not mock Texas. It has many people and they are well armed.
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Isn't that the state with the slithzerikai?

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People and lizards, then. And the lizards are armed too.

Maybe that explains the minute-men...

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I lived in Texas for six years.

I owned several lizards and several guns at the time.

I had to leave though. I'm from Washington where the trees (and not the "water") are green. The tumbleweed Christmas tree just wasn't quite the same, either. Oh, you thought I was joking???

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Originally written by Infernal666hate:

You could just add in a "stagnant user deletion period" where if an account goes stagnant (whether that means foul or unused is up to you) for a period of time it gets deleted.
You can forward that request to the makers of UBB. But really I would prefer you did not, because the way things go, they would probably botch it up. We already have enough random account deletions.

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But I don't use my account all summer 2-3 months. So, no thank you.

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Eh, there's plenty of possible names out there still.

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I suppose if the name you really, really wanted was taken by someone who no longer posts here, you could always put it in your signature.

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32nd!!! :eek: Thats impressive considering I havent been on in 2 weeks...

Then again, it might've changed since then.

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