Why do you play games?

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AuthorTopic: Why do you play games?
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There sure are a lot of them out nowadays, huh? Well, why do you play them? (straining for new ideas for boards)

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Because they're fun and addictive.

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something to do to keep you
from getting bored and or crazy

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To delay the other, more important stuff. Plus, on a more intellectual note, escapism - games can be a new world to explore like a good book or a film. And you can literally explore them. In a book you are bound to the author's journey. In a game, you are more free to do your own thing.

As well as this, I have no real social life - I was told pretending to have one doesn't count.

EDIT: Missed quite important words. Well, one.

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Very true SupaNik. "Return of the King" for Gamecube made me feel very powerful sending Merry to the Southern Gate and Paths of the Dead.

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Only for brief minutes as a break from work. Not willing to invest the time into something I'm going to get bored with eventually. In fact I still have, new in the wrapper, Throne of Baal for BG 2. It would probably be something I enjoyed, but since I'm currently enjoying other things, there is no hurry. Can't spread myself so thin that I wouldn't have time to post here, right?

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To win.

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Out of interest, does anyone know how many of each game Spiderweb has sold? Or the number downloaded compared to the number registered?

I think this is really wonderful.
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Download:register ratio tends to be around 100:3, or so I've heard.

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100:3! Good grief, that's terrible. I would've expected maybe 100:25 at least. Then again, I'm hardly unbiased about Spiderweb games.

Is 100:3 pretty standard for the shareware industry?

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Originally written by IRA Witch Herd:

100:3! Good grief, that's terrible. I would've expected maybe 100:25 at least. Then again, I'm hardly unbiased about Spiderweb games.

Is 100:3 pretty standard for the shareware industry?

Probably it is a good mark. At least Spidweb survived/outlived many other shareware companies.

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It really is sad, but the truth is that shareware is almost never registered. It's great stuff, snd everyone uses shareware, but no one registers.

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I'd don't like the fact, but the truth is it's probably around 100:25 when you include the ones that register via "other" means.
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There was an article online somewhere (I can't remember the URL, but it's probably still out there) that discusses how shareware can in fact be more lucrative than the major games from the big players in the computer game world. It was more about solitaire and other rather simple games than niche RPGs, but I think the idea holds. The art and sound expenses are minimal, and the only employees who need to be paid are Jeff, Linda, and Mariann. Besides paying for space on the web, there's no other overhead. That means that while shareware may sell fewer copies, each one means more money that isn't lost to "Spiderweb Software" and not the people who need to eat.

That said, 100:3 sounds about right to me. It really depends on how many people download Avernum expecting something more graphically impressive. But really it doesn't matter how many people download and promptly delete Spiderweb games. As long as X people register, they could be X out of 100,000, X out of 1,000,000, or X out of 6,500,000,000.

—Alorael, who doubts that 25% of people who download Spiderweb games end up with full versions one way or another. Most people probably aren't very interested, and those who are are most likely to be the people who pay. Jeff certainly doesn't seem to consider the pirates a threat to his income from what he's written, and it's fairly apparent that income is something very important to him, reasonably enough.
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