Time for a change?

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AuthorTopic: Time for a change?
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It seems as people have some gripes about UBB and all, especially since it has eaten some accounts (well, maybe the fluffy turtles where responsible, but anyway) and caused a few wierd problems.

I really like the format, however, and how it displays itself, and I think it is for the most part visually appealing without all the flashy colors, detailed icons, and the option of avatars (though that one is quite debatable).

Even so, we have been stuck on UBB for almost 4 years now, and I was wondering if anyone would be for a change of forums. I know it would be a sacrifice of some things, most notably post counts, custom titles, etc. that you have accumulated here, but all the unwanted account would be weeded out, we could all become obvious oldbies because of our low member numbers, and the race to 1000 would be interesting. :) Even TM would be back.

However, I am also aware that many will have no desire to change forums and are more than content to just continue on here and not go to all the trouble.

Then comes the factor of Jeff agreeing to switch forums. We could just instantly migrate somewhere else, but that would leave all of our wondering newbies clueless. After all, everyone should hang out at the company forums, not some offshoot.

So here's a quick poll just to sum up what you think.

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I don't really care, but I answered the poll anyway. UBB right now is fine, even if it's a bit quirky.

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You can set the style and turn on or off avatars on many forums, most allow post counts to be set manually, and all would let custom titles be bestowed once again. I would miss the old threads more than the old forums, but this has a cohesive water droplet's chance in a vacuum of happening.

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I don't really mind either way, but I'm closer to accepting what we have than wanting something new. I don't think it will happen anyway.

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I'm content with what we have, and I think the inconvenience would outweigh any benefits. Not, as everyone has pointed out, that it's really an issue.

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I don't really think its neccasary. Sure, UBB eats accounts when its hungry, and sure, there are a lot of no-posters, but so what? I can live with that.

Also, my favorite board type is Invision. It looks nice, and hsa some good features that UBB doesn't.

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Hmmm. I don't think it would be too bad as then my post count wouldn't seem so pathetic. But then I'd also need to get my post count back up again, and at the rate I post I probably wont get a very high post count.
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I like the way things are. Which is to say I don't like change. Would it make much difference if we switched? New users would register and never post, some accounts may "dissapear" (no sign of any turtles of late...), and avatars would still be disallowed due to loading times.

No, I say we keep the forums as they are.

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1. No and 2. Never. The crashes don't outweigh the nostalgia, and a new board just wouldn't feel the same. The quirks are part of the experience.

Okay, not sure on the "Never" part. But I am sure that if a new board is ever established, a lot of the oldbies won't come to grips with it and drift off to Desp and Polaris, never to return. But whatever happens, the community would be a radically different one.

3. I like Invision best (both Free and Power Board).
Ezboard works if you have nothing else except too much money to spend (or of course the same reason as above, ie. the community doesn't like change), but they recently crashed without backups and ergo suck.
phpBB is fine, but after all those security holes it will be some time before I believe it's safe now.
UBB is... interesting, but I get the feeling it gets unstable with a large community.
vBulletin can handle literally millions of members and posts; the first thing that gives is the server, not the forum (seen that happen a lot on Jolt forums). I don't like it much, but then I'm prejudiced against vast communities; I find them disorienting.

I'd note that the first board I ever saw was an ezboard, the second UBB (this one), the third Invision Power (Polaris) and the fourth vBulletin (NationStates), and the fourth was the only time I didn't find the differences to be an immense change for the better.

Invision Power might not be the best all in all, but InvisionFree is definitely the best free service available. (Yes, I'm aware they are different companies, but they use the same system).

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Oof, forgive me for leaving out vBulletin. That thing definately has more features than UBB, but it also looks more cluttered.

But 7.5 million posts and 750,000 members. Wow, man. Wow.


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We should switch to invision and be happy with avatars and sigs with pictures.

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Desp. uses punBB, I believe, and it seems to work rather well.

I suppose I would be fine with a board change, as it would be somewhat exciting and possible community-revitalizing at first, but it's extremely unlikely that a change will come anytime soon.


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I really like UBB. It's simpler, faster, and more stable than most of the other bulletin board types I've used (such as Ambrosia's terrible forums). I've also not really noticed any of these quirks with UBB that everyone keeps mentioning. The oddest thing I've had happen is the occasional duplicating of the same post when I try to post it just once.

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UBB is by far the best software I've used but I haven't used very many. I don't really think there is a huge possibility that there might be a change for a new forum. And, BtW ben, on question 2 you forgot a 'hard to decide' option. :D

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Well, if you don't seem to have any idea you want to express, that's why I included the No comment option. But it seems that if you're doubtful, you'll just choose Not much possibility or Never.


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