London Bombings

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AuthorTopic: London Bombings
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Latest - 37 confirmed dead. And, at about 10pm GMT yesterday, more ambulances rushed to the sites, stayed for a while, and left...

Plus, "rumblings" have been reported beneath the city. More bombs? Or, more likely - fire. If anyone's still trapped down there, God Forbid, then lets hope they are found quickly.

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I was in bed when it happened my brother said in a very loud voice OH MY @#$%IN" GOD! TERRORISTS ATTACKED LONDON! i then made a new enemy: G-8
i wish these terrorist would realize that its not little action igures the're blowing up its humans like me and you :(

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And why did this prompt you to make the G-8 your enemy?

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Because he thinks the G-8 members were responsible.

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Update - 50 now confirmed dead, by AOL's counting. The story is here.

For anyone who wants to see what they are clicking:

God rest their souls.

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I don't know where you're getting this.
I was refering to Iraq and articles as the one I'm citing:

"Coordination among government and law enforcement agencies has led to the recovery in six countries of thousands of treasures stolen from the National Museum in Baghdad in the earliest days of the American occupation...

War also has taken its toll on Iraq's ancient heritage. Since 2003, U.S. and Polish troops have used Babylon, once the capital of the ancient world, as a military depot and filled sandbags with earth and archaeological fragments from its historic sites. "This is tantamount to establishing a military camp around the Great Pyramid in Egypt or around Stonehenge in Britain," states a recent report by the British Museum...

From September 2003 to June 2004, Mr. Russell worked in Iraq to secure the National Museum and other institutions as an adviser to the Coalition
Provisional Authority's cultural office. He and other scholars rely on the fragile ruins to understand the ancient societies that inhabited Iraq. When such irreplaceable evidence is destroyed or randomly hauled away, archaeologists are unable to piece together the history of civilization. Pillaging of ancient sites, therefore, has more dire consequences than the theft of artifacts from museums...

"The loss of the objects is one thing," Mr. Gibson says, "but the destruction of the ancient context is a tragedy of far greater importance."
"Some of the most important Sumerian sites are already so destroyed that they will probably never be excavated scientifically again," says Mr. Gibson, who toured some of the damaged sites in 2003.

from: Robbing the cradle of civilization
By Deborah K. Dietsch

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My recollection of that news story may be hazy, but I think the looting was started by Iraqi citizens that were seeking to augment their meager income by stealing this stuff, then selling it to the corrupt Western collectors that have no problems with owning and displaying stolen artifacts in the privacy of their own homes.

And I would posit that the culture was destroyed back in the early 20th century when Western powers decided to modernise the Mid-East by assigning strict geographic boundaries and create countries where before there had been amorphous tribal territories. While it is all nice and good to think in straight lines, some of the tribes came out as big losers, and I fear that it the arbitrary decisions made by long-dead politicians that have created this mess, and the memories of those decisions fueled the hate in a few influential and charismatic men.

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Originally written by Overwhelming:

Except England (wich kissed Bush's ass), all Europe wasn't agains't Iraq evasion.
Factually wrong (assuming you're trying to say the opposite of what you actually said). Poland has contributed, and apparently so have Denmark and Italy, based on the threats made recently. Spain was also in on it until the last election. There are probably a couple of others.

That said, the vast majority of soldiers and funds are coming from the U.S. It's almost exclusively a U.S. war.

ef: "Destroyed an ancient culture" is hyperbole. "Damaged a number of artifacts from an ancient culture" is much more accurate.

To everyone: Again, it has a lot more to do with the desperate surroundings that these people have grown up in and the lies that have been fed them by hate-mongers than it does with their own personal evil.

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There's also the fact that Saddam had himself made substantial alterations to the Babylon site and Iraqi troops were billeted close by. Blame cannot be apportioned solely on any one group.

Nothing lasts forever, anyway. When you consider everything else occurring in Iraq, moderate damage to an ancient city that's been relatively well excavated barely merits a footnote. It is after all probably the least destructive sack Babylon has ever seen.

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