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AuthorTopic: Ideas
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(dunno where to put it XD)
Idea 1:
Fighting Intellegence:

(NOTE: Can be checked an, unchecked. Check = on. No check = off)

Dunno what else to call it, sorry.

You can set em by a certain number of smarts, in Auto-Combat.

None: Does not fight at all.
Dumb: Does not cast any spells, does not defend, and use missles
Normal: Fights Normally, but does not use magic.
Smart: Uses magic, missles, defence.
Idea 2:
Auto-Spells, and Auto-Heal:

Your characther can set auto-spells. If they have a healing spell, potions, or blessing spells, they will use em automatically, in combat. You can also toggle it in Preferences. If checked, it's on, if not checked, it's not on. You can set it in these ways:

Low: Uses potions, and healing
Normal: Uses potions, healing, and low level blessing spells.
High: Uses potions, healing, low level blesses, and normal level blesses.
Maximum: Uses potions, healing, low level blesses, normal level blesses, and high level blesses.
Thats all i thought of. Tell me how you like em.

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No offence but those ideas aren't all that great. And I think everyone controls their players anyway.

Also perhaps this should be in one of the games forums, although you didn't specify which at any point, but I'm guessing it's Exlie/Avernum.
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I've seen other games which had autocombat with configurable tactics. Autocombat is never very smart, though; in fact, if it were, it'd kind of defeat the purpose of combat being there at all.

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Yea, i've been thinking that too.

No, i did the ideas for all games, in case one fits.

The Auto-Combat might not be good, so i voted as bad. It may be mine, but i have MY own opinion of my ideas.

The Auto-Heal and stuff i voted for good. Although it may sound bad, but it's actually good, in case you are in auto-combat, and don't want your characthers to die.

Edit: Because, sometimes, in auto-combat, it's hard to disable it. >_>

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Auto-combat is good, because it can save the player from repetitive weakling battles. But if the AI is too good, it kills the need for the player to control the combat, like Thully says. So, enough intelligence so auto-combat doesn't equal suicide and it's all good.

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Not voting. You should of had a neutral voting box, i.e 'Indifferent'.
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Like i said on my other topic: "Too late for that".

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Well, if I was in combat and in deep trouble and my spell points were going to pot, and I had my auto-spells set to maximum, I might have wanted to blast the badguy with one last fireball instead of continually reboosting my blessing. So really, since the combat in Jeff's games is turn-based and not real time, you have all the time in the world to drink your healing potions and cast your blesses. The same thing really goes for auto-fighting, too.


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I'd like to think that I'm better than an AI, at least. Tedium is less important than maximum efficiency to me, in gameplay, so I never use auto-combat unless it's clear to me that I'm missing something, in which case I'll watch an auto-combat or two to see what I'm failing to do.
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Originally written by I can wiggle them if you wish:

Auto-combat is good, because it can save the player from repetitive weakling battles.
Not having repetitive weakling battles is better, though.

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Originally written by Khoth:

Originally written by I can wiggle them if you wish:

Auto-combat is good, because it can save the player from repetitive weakling battles.
Not having repetitive weakling battles is better, though.

But if they're weak the current autocombat system works just fine.

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No... that's still a waste of time. If you want to skip battles, have an auto-resolve feature. That way, you won't even visit "combat" and the game automatically deals out losses based on stats.

I personally hate the idea of auto-combat, and believe it has no place in any game except possibly epic-sized RTS/TBS's. Auto-resolving your Roman legion taking a tiny French town would be quite convenient there. (That way, human blunders would be dis-calculated... take that as a good/bad as you will.)

As far as having units automatically use skills, that's kind of the same thing. I'd like to actually play my game, so keeping automation to minimum is nice. But again, having my priests auto-heal my meatshields while I move my dragon cavalry around the back is an okay policy for me.

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I never really saw the point of auto-combat. If I know the necessary commands and functions in the game, then there should be nothing more that the AI can think of, than myself. I'll be darned, before I trust a primitive AI, that'll probably just walk all my people up to the front lines, then sit them there and get them killed, to take over, when I can actually manage a much better job, with much less risk.

Failing that, there's always been the save function. :P

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