Global Warming or Global Cooling

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AuthorTopic: Global Warming or Global Cooling
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Originally written by Lt. Sullust:

Originally written by Andrew Miller:

Originally written by Unpleasantness for its Own Sake:

And from my point of view the planet is quite hot enough already, thanks.
Clearly you've never been to Minnesota in February.

And you've never been to the northeast on a humid summer day...

Spend a couple of months in soggy cornwall. You'll soon decide that certain places could use some heating.

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Yes thank you it is more than hot enough. From my recent observations winters aren't anywhere near as cold as they were. Last winter we only had 3 weeks of -30 to -45 degree weather. Not enough to kill the damn pine beetle.

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Is that celsius or farenheight? I know it wasn't nearly as cold as it usually is where I live, it actually rained more than it snowed.

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I just noticed my plum trees are blooming for the second time this year. They set fruit early, then a frost took them, now more flowers.

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Originally written by Multiple Monikers:

Is that celsius or farenheight? I know it wasn't nearly as cold as it usually is where I live, it actually rained more than it snowed.
Amazingly, at this temperature range (-30 to -45) it makes little difference. -30 to -45°F is -34 to -42°C, and -30 to -45°C is -22 to -49°F. All temperatures at which you wouldn't step out without a warm coat.

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I think that if wars or Bush don't kill us off first, global warming will melt the poles and half the world may be flooded, then boil us off totally. But then again, the climate could go first with all the pollution.

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