Debout! les damnés de la terre!

AuthorTopic: Debout! les damnés de la terre!
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Soon it's May Day again, the International Worker's Day. Test your knowledge with this little questionnaire.
To the second question: The list is very rudimental of course, but it's already too long.

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Bah, class-treasonous petit-bourgeoise scum! The oppressed revolutionary workers of the United States will launch their own poll, as is customary, when the day comes.

And then we will stain the streets red with Menshevik blood!

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That is Charles the IXth who instaured a tradition ( I don't know how to say "offrir du muguet" in English ) on the first of mai 1561.
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"offrir du muguet" = to give lilies of the valley.

It's a lovely custom, but it's hard to find them in flower by May 1st.

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May 1st is not a legal holiday where I live (Australia). At least not in my city. My city does have the 3-5th of May as a 'holiday' where pretty much no-one goes to work because of the May Racing Carnival we have.

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Who the hell voted for the Nazis?

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It's either true, or a widespread myth, that the Nazis initiated the May 1st labor holiday. Whether or not they actually originated the idea, I certainly understand that they established it as a German national holiday. They had a number of such token policies designed to lull the proletariat, such as calling themselves National Socialists.

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That is true, it was in 1933.
Though the tradition is far older: the Mayday in germanic countries where people danced around the maypole, celebrating the return of spring, and Beltane in gaelic countries where the purifying fires were lit.

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I don't know about that so I won't understand.

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Originally written by Papa Donatus II:

Who the hell voted for the Nazis?
Good question. I'm sure it's been asked before, many times. ^_^

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I am surprised how many people assume that the first of May is a holiday in U.S.A., Canada and U.K. Well, how could they know if they never go to Worker's Day procession? ^_^

to Alec: Whom do you call Mensheviks in the U.S.?

to fuiz: I think that the muguet-tradition had rather to do with spring and was mixed later with the Worker's Day (that was introduced 1889 in France at the Second International, AFAIK).
We associate red cloves with May Day, but it's not common anymore. They sell red May ribbons instead.

to ef: I don't think so since I had to organize it v_v But I might go to the procession: there will be a speech from Elena Featherston. She will be witch-craft enough I suppose.

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Primero de Mayo is also a Holyday here in Venezuela. We celebrate it by doing mighty profitable things like going to the beach, getting drunk, etc.

On Sunday we had one of the few worthwhile May 1st celebrations as we had marches on the street in favor of workers right etc.

Since now we're becoming a Socialist country (it seems our Democratic days are over, hah!) we're even more prone to celebrate all coming May 1st, heck, we might even celebrate Labour Day so we can march and our dear President can say how Venezuelan workers are happier than those pesky evil Imperial Ones.


Edit: Oh, and I voted for the Nazis. I am sure in about 10 years (probably sooner) we'll be a Fascist country (since by then the days of a Socialist and later Communist Venezuela will be over and passe) and my dear President will say that the Nazis invented it, and he never lies. I love him. And when we're an anarchist country in 2031 and my dear Di, I mean President, says it was those anarchist who began the whole thing, I'll vote for them. Darn straight.

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