The second weekly international spiderweb contest will now begin

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AuthorTopic: The second weekly international spiderweb contest will now begin
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I saw the previous post about the highest quality Spiderweb game, and I wondered what the lowest quality Spiderweb game is. Vegas book keepers have placed substantial bets on Galactic Core and Homeland.

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Ocean Bound is the lowest in quality, I'd say. Galactic Core is the most blandly boring. Homeland is the most excruviatingly painful.

Out of the games actually made by Jeff, I'd put E1 at the bottom. I know that the Spiderweb mantra is that advanced doodads aren't everything, but E1 really feels painfully primitive.

—Alorael, whose E1 memories are of version 1.0.0. While there is a charm to the game, even E2 feels much more polished.
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The question concerns "Spiderweb Games", so Homeland wins hands down. Not a fair contest.

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Homeland. Except I was thinking best rather than worst when I voted, so subtract one from BoE and add one to Homeland.

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I would say Ocean Bound. I have never played Homeland, Subterra, or Galactic Core.

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Homeland deserves to be forever remembered one of the worst existing games of all time, not just the worst Spiderweb one.

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Galactic Core is probably the worst thing they have (tied closely with that island thingie and Homeland, although I use a Mac), although I'd rather see Geneforge undone the most.

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I have never played Homeland, Galactic Core, or Subterra. Why are these games so bad?

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SubTerra is not bad.

Galactic Core is bad because it's easy and boring.

Homeland is bad because it's awful.

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The only Spidweb game I've ever played is ST, so I can't vote.
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who the hell voted for geneforge 1 and 2

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Probably somebody who misunderstood, or is illiterate.

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Originally written by Leonard:

who the hell voted for geneforge 1
*raises hand*

Do we have a problem, gawking n00blar fanboy 5523?

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What do you do in Galactic Core and Homeland anyway? I feel too lazy now to download the demos, and am skeptical as to if it's even worth it.


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Torture yourself.

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Homeland is an RPG. It sucks.
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And GC is a mind-numbingly boring space-conquest strategy game.


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Gee, people must really like Homeland :rolleyes: . I voted for it, because most of theother ones were good.

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Homeland, Galactic Core, Sub Terra, Ocean Bound, and Lost Souls are not Spidweb games. They are games published by Spidweb.

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Homeland is one of the worst games I've ever played. Of the games made by Jeff Vogel, I'll have to say that Geneforge gets my vote. Exile I is crude, right, but still fun.

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It was best said by Alorael: "Homeland is not a game at all. It's a cruel and unusual experience."

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whoops, misread the directions and pressed BOA, my bad ppl

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Vote for Homeland, because I could not help myself, I'm weak. But, I shouldn't have since it is not a SpidWeb game. Also, I wonder if too many people voting for this may give someone unacquainted with the game the wrong idea and they'll download it, try it, and lose about ten years of their Maximun Possible Years To Live.

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This has got to be a joke. How come (almost) everybody has voted for the 3 worst games?

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I admire your intelligence and reading comprehension!

(read the original post again)

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