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AuthorTopic: Just curious...
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That little sign in Exile II after you get the barriers down and go west for a way...ya know the one...Caution Swamp...yah...suppose this might be exile related but I like you people so much more and anyways...it's quite general...I suppose it belongs here... This goes for everything in Exile really...all that stuff I love:D

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...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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you do realize that this is quite useless a poll, eh? ;-)
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Oh, but ofcourse:D what would be the point otherwise? I'm simply curious:D

...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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There really is a reason polls were banned on Spiderweb. Why they would start them up again I am perplex, but it sure hasn't improved the quality of topics. :rolleyes:

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Well, in all honest i was rather curious as to why people play the games...I think for me a strong reason is the humor of the games...some of it is subtle but some of it is rather...obvious:D Like that sign...in teh middle of teh swamp...heh...gotta love it...so it's not as obscure as you might like to think...

...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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I have no idea what you're talking about, so I had to vote "hate". Maybe if you could explain what this poll is about (beyond "the quirkiness"), I could regret my vote. :)

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I didn't know either, so I voted "Love". :D


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I didn't know what he was on about...so I put down "Don't really care."

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I knew what he was talking about, that's why I chose love. :cool:

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I care.

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I too currently kare. Though my vote doesn't suggest it.

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I love quirkiness of all sorts, and that sign is in Av3 as well (Upper Avernum, near Ghikra (sp?)). God bless quirkiness.

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I don't know what this poll was about, so I just said I don't care.

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