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...and why do you have to vote to view the results?

If you do that it increases the chances that someone will just lierate (the correct form of the verb "to lie" for this situation I'll have you know, the noun form would be lierator) to see the results. Seems kind of pointless.
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31 and truthful.

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I don't think you can change that option. Spiderweb Polls are always unviewable without voting.

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TO view the poll without voteing would be rather...negligent. THe results you view wouldn't be correct if YOUR information isn't in there. Right? So what would be the point of viewing incorrect information?
As to those who have a momentary laps of the truth. I'm sure theres NOone here who would do such a HOrrible thing because they would have to think about it for EVer and evER and EVER!!!...but as I said. I'm sure there's no one here like that:)
oh, btw, did I mention that I was 18?

...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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Not that I think it's any of your buisness, but I'm 17.

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I'm 17.

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18, and in england which is so much better than being the same age in the US!

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17. Which is temporarily better than 18, since the whole world can't hold our asinine politics against me on a personal basis.

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17. Hmm . . . I'm starting to notice a trend.
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I don't think there is a correct -ing form of "lie." Instead of saying "I am lieing", you'd say "I lie."


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No, Aran's right. I would be lying if I said that there is no present participle of lie.

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I'm 19 now, but lied when voting, because at that time, I was still 18. I just couldn't wait a couple of days, but it matters not.

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