Who do you think will win Ansari X Prize?

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AuthorTopic: Who do you think will win Ansari X Prize?
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Who do you think will win the Ansari X Prize?

The Da Vinci Project or Scaled Composites. The first launch for Scaled Composites is September 29, 2004. For the Da Vinci Project October 4, 2004.


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Scaled Composites all the way. Burt Rutan has ruled other challenges, and didn't the nearest competitor just have their rocket explode?
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How can anyone doubt John Carmack and the Black Armadillo?

The critics agree!

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Er, quick and inevitably dumb question:

What is the Ansari X Prize?


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It's called Google.

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Didn't scaled composites do the run everyone talked about a while back? some lone guy and atmosphere and something...
If thats the case, SC.

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