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AuthorTopic: Nudism
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Originally written by ben*:

Also, most people have something known as morality and dignity.
I'm not so sure about that, look around at all the women that are showing their hair/face!
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In Finland, people are traditionally naked in sauna, and many still continue that tradition. Also, people often show naked pictures of their babies to their relatives, for example (there's no child pornography or anything involved in that).

Nakedness is totally natural. I could imagine a culture where it was okay to walk around naked. However, I agree that it's often practical to wear clothes outside, at least in the colder parts of the world.
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It is just considered more proper in most cultures that are not considered 'primitive' or 'barbaric' by dull socialites to wear clothing except for art, certain forms of entertainment, and of course intimacy.

Clothes obviously came about for practical reasons seeing as though we do not have fur coats, very tough skin, or natural armor.

When covering the breast and pelvic areas are not paramount in the given situation, I guess the need never came about. But with publicly accepted nudity, it is take a tiny bit away from when a girl/boy friend undresses, or so I would think.

But I belive that in many polytheistic religions, ascended individuals shed themselves of clothing to be more pure and because they do not need it.

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Anglo-Saxon culture's absurd prudishness about nudity also results in general public acceptance of inexcusable human rights violations such as women being ejected from restaurants or fired from work for breastfeeding their children.

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Having been experiencing some weather in the 105º F range lately, I think it’s about time to abolish the indecent exposure laws. Needless to say, clothing has very important utilitarian purposes, particularly in cold climates, around jagged rocks, brambles, alleys with broken glass, or to carry or conceal equipment (my pants usually weigh upwards from eight pounds because of all the crap I haul around in my pockets). Still, the option to ditch the extra insulation whenever we want would be nice.

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I'd hardly consider a tee shirt and some jeans as so much insulation more than not, especially because they protect you from skin cancer caused by a sunburn (and I burn easily, too, but don't know about you). ;)


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Still, the option to ditch the extra insulation whenever we want would be nice.
Indeed. The only reason we can't stand seeing other humans' bodies is because, obviously, we don't often see other humans' bodies.

There's no such thing as "morality" where the human body is concerned. Just what is "immoral" about the human body?

The erogenous area argument also wears thin in that erogenous areas vary from person to person. My neck is very erogenous; does that mean I have to cover that up all the time as well?

Bathing suits seem to serve no purpose, except perhaps to reduce the drag from certain body parts (though how that would work, I have no idea).

Clothing should be viewed as something to keep warm in.... not as some item of "decency" and "morality" that seems to have been imprinted in so many minds...

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Originally written by Faelor Zyrusticae:
Bathing suits seem to serve no purpose, except perhaps to reduce the drag from certain body parts (though how that would work, I have no idea).
Hair causes a lot of drag in water (which is why swimmers shave their legs, even male ones). Some bathing suits reduce that drag. (Most don't, I think.)

Milu mentioning nudity in saunas reminds me that the Japanese do the same thing. Japan has public baths where people are naked in front of each other and no one seems to think about it overmuch.

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People and, might I add, tentacle monsters. ^_^

Unless I'm mistaken, though, aren't the saunas and baths gender-segregated? Even in this western society, nudity among the same gender isn't generally considered to be nearly as taboo as nudity among both genders. (Use of the word gender being intentional.)

That said, I also think part of the reason why nudity is frowned upon is to keep people- especially women- feeling ashamed about their own bodies. Why do you think Sarah Michelle Gellar is considered to be attractive, in spite of being dangerously and grotesquely thin? Because man wants woman to keep hating herself, that's why.

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Eh, that's just the fashion industry. Smaller canvases are more challenging to paint on, I suppose; it could also be that it's driven by gay men and women, which would explain why most models tend to look like thirteen-year-old boys.

It's the western youth fetish in action, too. At least it is better than Japan, where the idea of a thirty-year-old woman throwing a temper tantrum as if she were still in diapers is not fundamentally disturbing but rather sexy.

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