What pet(s) do you own?

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AuthorTopic: What pet(s) do you own?
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Yes indeedy!! Continuing on in stupid inane bandwagon style, we now have pets!

Bottom line, there's a poll, if your's isn't on it name it. And if I see more than one "mighty ferret army", I will be disappointed because someone has lied. And that's just plain not nice.
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I have a fat black cat named Kitty.

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You forgot fern. There's a large percentage of the general male populace who consider ferns pets. Or friends for that matter.

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I have floating cats.
And hungry spiders.

edit: add spider

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I have a white, male cat(With black fur) named Furball who means a lot to me(He's my only pet. What do you expect?).

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Two female cats - Sprite, a tabby, and Sparkle (not muy name choice), a calico. Seems to be the most popular pet here... good choice, all.

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none, i don't have the money for pets.

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I have three cats. I would die for them.

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I answered what's at my parents' house, because apartments are not conducive to pets, and one cat is still mine. We have two cats (named "Orange Cat" and "Black Cat" -- I'm serious) and a dog, whose name is "Patches" but mostly gets called "Dog."

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I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Tucker. My friends deem him as the most vicious and terrorizing animal to have ever walked the earth. He barks alot...

If anyone here owns a small dog, I'm sure they know what I'm talking about.
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I had a rabbit once, but he left. And some hamsters and baby chickens, but that was long ago.
Now I have a giraffe. The apartment is small, but the hallway is long enough. There's a treadmil where he rests his hooves and can walk, also the treadmil makes the AC and the light work, more or less. The head is outside the balcony, so it can breathe fresh air. Pidgeons annoyed it sometimes.


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I used to have a hermit crab but then it escaped and was found in my mum's room dead months later.
We also used to have a dog,cat and budgie. But not anymore.
Currently we have two cats which are refered to as big cat and little cat. Well they answer to that anyway but they also answer to fridge and can, so go figure.

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If anyone here owns a small dog, I'm sure they know what I'm talking about.
I don't own a small dog, but my friend does, and he is wild . Among my immediate family, my sister has two cats, Mica(short-haire brown tabby) and Muffins(long-haired marmalade), and no, she did not name Muffins, my dad has a cat named Kira Maku(short-haired brown tabby), my mum has a cat named Sonya(short-haired gray tabby), and my other sister has fish. I used to have a hamster, but she got old and died(no, the cats didn't eat her, we found her dead in her cage, without any bites). :(

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Licorice Speaks By COLIN McENROE
Published: July 31, 2004

My name is Licorice, and I am a hamster.

I have never shared my story before because, frankly, sometimes all a hamster has is his privacy. Thursday night, however, Alexandra Kerry described the circumstances of my rescue by her father after I had fallen off a pier in Massachusetts.

I have come forward now to set the record straight.

I was the hamster of Alexandra's sister, Vanessa, and she, on balance, was a good person, although a bit of a tickler. On this occasion, as the family gathered on the pier to depart for a vacation, somebody - I'm not saying it was Alexandra; I'm not saying it was on purpose - "bumped" my cage, and the next thing I knew, I was in the water and sinking fast.

I saw my whole life pass before my eyes. My life has not been all that interesting, so it wasn't exactly like watching "The Godfather I and II." I mean, I'm a hamster. I could see a bright light, but I seemed to be on a wheel that rotated as I ran, so I never got any closer. But I was aware of a shining, all-loving divine rodent presence telling me: "It's not time yet. You have more to do on earth."

"Like what?" I asked, but I could already feel myself back in my body, could feel strong hands yanking open my cage and pulling me upward to safety.

Yes, it was John Kerry. Help was on the way. Yes, he did perform CPR. Yes, he did perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. There is no doubt that I owe him my life. On the other hand, the water went up to his chest, O.K.? I mean, this wasn't exactly PT-109.

It's also true that I wound up suing the family. I have continuing health problems, including a partial paralysis on my right side that makes it difficult for me to drink out of a regular water bottle. And let's just say there aren't going to be any Licorice Jr.'s. One of the small pleasures of hamster life denied.

There was a settlement. I can't talk about it. I got enough to pay for a daily home health aide.

How do I feel about John Kerry? Mainly, I'm grateful he wasn't married to that Heinz woman when this happened. You think she would have allowed him to jump in the water in his J. Press poplin slacks? Food pellets wouldn't melt in her mouth. I'd have drowned and been eaten by lobsters.

And I'm glad I wasn't a Bush family pet. Their hamsters probably have to rescue them, from the looks of things.

I might wind up speaking at the Republican convention, though. I'm opposed to stem cell research. With any kind of research, hamsters always wind up taking it right on the chin. And we barely even have chins.

Colin McEnroe is a radio talk show host and writer.
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I've the the Dog of the Misterhood, and two lovely budgies.

The Great Mister

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I have two gerbils, Comet and Shadow, and three cats; Agent 4, a regal Maine Coon, Jump-Jump High Cat, an incredibly fat silver tabby, and Tybalt, a two-year old orange Abysinnian.

My sister's names, except for Jump-Jump, who I named when I was four.

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I have two cats, both ladies — one who's almost 20 years old named Calico (who is a calico cat, naturally), and one black-and-beige named Alice who's almost 15. Both are in excellent health, I'm happy to say, and are the most darling creatures on God's Green Earth.

We used to have a Pekingese named Leo who died a year and a half ago due to kidney stones. He was really just a furry little marshmallow — sweet, well-tempered, and did little but sleep. An affectionate, semi-mobile rug.

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I am another cat person. I have a rather elderly and crotchety ex-stray named Sebastian, who probably talks more than I do, and two youngsters named Dex and Caspian who are the bane of his existence. The two young'uns are adopted mixbreeds. Dex is a rather scrawny tabby who is clumsy and far too enthusiastic about everything. Caspian is a very large (well, long), very dignified cat who is almost certain to end up weighing upwards of twenty points, given how much he eats and how little he moves.

—Alorael, who fell down the stairs last night because Dex thought it would be appropriate to rub against his legs at an inopportune moment. The stairs are not the place for cuddling!
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I've never owned a pet. My parents were always staunchly against the idea, and my dormitory at college only allows residents to keep fish. Once I have my own place, though, I plan to own at least five or six ferrets.

Mind you, I voted dishonestly.

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It's astonishing how popular cats are with the Spiderweb population. I'm trying to come up with theories for why that is (maybe introverted people prefer cats, and maybe people who post on message boards of RPG games are introverted? Not sure though.)

I had a budgie until two months ago when it passed on into the Land Where Budgerigars Are Eternally Blessed. :( I'm getting a cat as soon as I can.

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My pets

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*Gasps in shock horror*

Okay for a start, this topic was taken seriously? Yasuiah! How? :confused:
Secondly, it hasn't been locked yet? Jaysus mother of Mary! :eek:

Is everyone feeling unwell or something? Are all the mods (other than Saunders, because she is) on holiday?? :eek:

Also I'm disappointed. Disappointed by lieing, cheating non-weasel-army owners. Shame on you for lieing! :D

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From budgie to cat - what an evolution, Arancaytar!
v_v I had budgies as a child, until the neigbour's cat ate them.

It seems logical for me that cat-owners are attracted to SW - thinking of all the talking cats in Avernum. I'd bet that Jeff Vogel has or had cats. ^_^

Ah, this beautful tiger, Detta! He looks similar to my Martin.

<edits> FBM, what did you expect? Pets is a decent topic of majority interest. :P

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A pomeranian and some fish.

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