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AuthorTopic: Retrogames
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I happen to like old computer games, but I am not sure where the best place to get them. I do not like many of the 3d graphics in the newer games, I think many of them are poorly done. The only real advantage I see in many of the newer games is the combination feature of rpg and strategy.

It would be interesting to see Jeff do a combination RPG strategy game where you switch from small engagements with a party to larger tactical engagements as part of an army or siege party. Either in Avernum or Geneforge.

I have an extreme distrust of buying old software from auctions (ebay amazon, etc.. Is there a good place to get ye old software which is reliable. I look at the best rated old rpgs and they are not in the stores anymore. have been looking at top 100. By the way all of Jeff's games are reviewed on this site. Waiting for Blades of Exile for Windows.

want fallout 1 and fallout 2.

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The fallout series are available from the porting house, they even had a great deal, like around $10 each a while back.
Sadly, I can't remember who made them IMAGE(frown000.gif)

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Interplay made Fallout and Fallout 2. The Mac version was, of course, made by Macplay.

Ebay is usually quite reliable, and I've never had any trouble at all with buying used from Amazon. I haven't found any single good source for old games besides those single sales.

?Alorael, who wouldn't keep waiting for Blades of Exile for Windows when it is out and has been for years. Get it now! If you mean Blades of Avernum, you still have a little bit of waiting to do... so why not get Blades of Exile?
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I'm still waiting for BoA too. Hopefully it'll be out soon, it's almost summer. I can't wait.

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Look at my thread on spidweb-storm impact, theres some links there to an old game called "Taskmaker" and it's sequel

BTW fallout 1 isn't that old you know...what is it '98?

spiderweb soft make an mmorpg!
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Originally written by Posthaste:

Interplay made Fallout and Fallout 2. The Mac version was, of course, made by Macplay.

Ah yes, thank you. Now I should be off to see if those deals are still available IMAGE(smile000.gif)

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The Underdogs

Includes all kinds of underrated and older games, although the big older games (e.g. the early X-Coms, Civilization, and so forth) aren't going to be there for an obvious reason: everyone who knows what they are has probably played them directly or by proxy.

Fallout is '96 or so; there was a DOS version of it. I think this makes it older than most of SW's games.

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Yes, I would indeed agree that HOTU is certainly the best site around for retro. Certainly the ONLY place you'll ever find Covert Action nowadays. It also hosts some other gaming communities such as Z2 (ZZT).

EDIT: I am braindead! Agh! How could I forget? Rogue! Best retro game EVER.

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Alorael, Black Isle Studios made the game, Interplay just published it. You just made my day IMAGE(tongue00.gif) ... Night it is.

Annyway, here in norway they still sell Fallout 1 and 2 in retrail stores... Where are you from?

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If Alec's link doesn't work, try -- the link seems to need the www in it to work. And if you have a Mac, well, try

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I was close. For someone who hasn't played either one (hold the stones, please!), I came pretty close.

?Alorael, who really should take the general advice and pick them up. His gaming experience is obviously terribly incomplete without Fallout.
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