Good games for the Mac

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AuthorTopic: Good games for the Mac
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Originally, I purchased my iBook because of its functionality, as well as a way to avoid getting sucked into games as I always have on the PC.

Unsurprisingly, I find myself wanting to play games again, so I'd really appreciate any recommendations you longtime Mac users may have for a relatively recent convert (other than Spiderweb Games, which I know are great!).

What games do you like, and why?
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EV Nova is pretty good. You get to fly about killing things, and the plots are reasonable.

And Nethack is available for the Mac, as well as for any other platform. It has almost no plot, and the graphics are ascii, but it is more detailed than any other game I've seen.

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These take up the majority of my time:

Fallout (1 + 2)
Deus Ex

But if you're looking for some less-extensive, shareware type deal, check this out:

Its pretty fun.

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Theres' online text based rpg games.
For a mac, you can use a program called savitar play them. (probably my favorite because of the online interaction)

Theres' neopets which can be played with any computer but plays better depending on what kind you have.

I have a few games (Mostly free demos) on my computer some of which I havn't even tried yet..One fun one is planent ho.

There may be less games for the mac in general but it still amounts to a big variety and more then most people could play.

The only game I think I want yet myself is a mac version Ultima...If you liked the BOE game you'll like Ultima.

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Along with the EV series, the same company (Ambrosia Software) has made a bunch of fun action/arcade games. I like Barrack, Maelstrom, Apeiron, and a few others. They're kind of old, though... I don't know how well they work on newer systems.

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Pangea Software has made some pretty good games. I haven't played any of their most recent offerings, though, as they're quite firmly dedicated to staying at the cutting edge in terms of new hardware and processors and the like, while I've been coping with my first-generation iMac for almost five years. My favorite game by Pangea is most probably Power Pete, quite an old game, which has recently been renamed "Mighty Mike." Of course, there's a chance that the newest stuff is even better.


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yeah, Ambrosia makes a bunch of good games, as well as the Blizzard stuff.
I picked both because Ambrosia is shareware - you can try them out, and they only put out (IMO) quality stuff.
I picked Blizzard because out of a sea of game developers, they deliver to the mac platform, often at the same time as PC

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I... ...vaguely remember Pangea. Not my favorite.

There's obviously emulators- legal, if you own the actual games! Which I don't. IMAGE(tongue00.gif) It's my primary source for games, since the SNES FF games are pretty damned fun. As is Chrono Trigger, the best RPG ever (?).

Realmz is... ...okay, I guess.

WC3 is awesome.

Fallout 1/2 are both amazing, although if you're adverse to scratchy graphics... eh.

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Fallout 1 is the best game i've ever played, my favorite game and RPG (dont worry, the Avernum and GeneForge series tie together in 3rd, Arcanum is 2nd, heh.)

Are the Jagged Alliance games on the Mac? If so, I recommend them very much.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check out Pangea and Ambrosia. I do like WC3, though its speed, performance-wise, on my G3 iBook leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe I'll try out on-line community games one of these days as well. The hard part is that the only time I have on-line generally is at work, where I can't take *too* much time... IMAGE(wink0000.gif)
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Halo: Combat Evolved... Even though many people say its overrated and stuff... I just love it, the story, the music, the warthog driving... The best game I have EVER played, and you should read the three books that has been published if youre gona purchase it. Ambrosiasw and Pangea is good too if Halo is too much for your iBook...

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