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That's UA, BtI. He is an antisocial loser. IMAGE(tongue02.gif)


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I like mobiles so you can txt people; you can get your message across without actually having to talk to anyone. All while learning really interesting spelling and grammer.

Actually, I'm quite jealous, yours is much classier than mine!

Although in Australia they have a limited usefulness when travelling cause of all the blackspots. There have been people in dire situations who haven't been able to call emergency because their mobile didn't work in that area. Does that happen in all countries, or just Australia? Crappy Telstra.

Although, my mother-in-law lives in a blackspot, that can only be a good thing IMAGE(smile001.gif)
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With this, I think I'll be able to call from almost anywhere (well, not from inside a hole 3 kilometers under the surface, or from the bottom of the ocean, but you get the point) because of the phone being howdoyousayitinenglish.. well, it has all the current 'nets', like UMTS and such, I think.

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Having a massive wireless network? I don't think there's a specific adjective in English for what you're describing, although I know what you're talking about, what with the global satellites and all.
There's an old Verizon commercial bit about the phone working anywhere, and a Verizon guy running around with a phone, apparently talking to someone, enthusiastically asking whether or not the as-yet unidentified party on the other line can hear the signal, and adulating at a positive response.

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I want to brain that Verizon guy with his phone.
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I think it's generally described as having good coverage.

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