Mac or PC?

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AuthorTopic: Mac or PC?
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Let me throw my 2 cents in

according to the latest benchmarks Apple and Intel are pretty much on par with each other(Macs are slightly ahead IMAGE(biggrin3.gif) )
although intel is progressing faster because apple's currently rying to work around the heat issue with G5's so they can dump it in a laptop *drooool*. There's no real hardware advantages to either, it just depends on how much money you've got to spend.

For the operating system, go to your local newsagents, buy the latest linux mag with the latest version of red hat. Problem solved!(Entirely hypocritical, as I use OS 10.3)

On the topic of who would need a 3ghz intel/2ghz G5, many people would. We use our G5 as a server machine, I bounce large Lightwave renders off it and play Unreal Tournament 2004 (Min. specs include 1 ghz cpu) over my 2mbp/s connection. (Just to brag) I can also think of many other reasons why you might need such raw power. Just because you don't use much of your cpus power doesn't other people don't.

This argument's pretty pointless anyway, it's entirely subjective.

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