Greywraith closed?

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AuthorTopic: Greywraith closed?
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I don't wish to appear to be spamming, but I have this to say:

Usually, Imban, when closing a thread, moderators are supposed to give... well... reasons? Rather than a weird picture? Or did I miss a change in the policies there? IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Greywraith closed_files/confused.gif)

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Well, it was dead.

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What Drakey said. Star Clan hadn't been posted on seriously in days, and Greywraith had just been bumped a few times to make it look alive.


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To make it more clear, Shinji is the reason. :-p
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At least imban puts up neat pictures that make me giggle when the threads are closed. Other ban-erators are not so kind.

Check out the DIARY, why doncha? It won't bite. Probably.

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Quite. I was somewhat disappointed when the bronze statue thread was closed, as it was just a sort of art expo or mini- museum. The images weren't really spam, as they were all on-topic. I will agree, however, that the topic itself had very, very little to do with Spidweb at all. Imban's Lenin statue picture at the end was pretty humorous, though, and lessened my disappointment.

Also, this topic ought to be locked soon.

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Preferably with a pretty picture.

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