The preview feature.

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AuthorTopic: The preview feature.
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It is just a simple poll.

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This poll contains 1 question(s). 28 user(s) have voted.
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function launch_voter () { launch_window(";d=vote;pollid=hnKFRgEDQFYJ"); return true; } // end launch_voter function launch_viewer () { launch_window(";d=view;pollid=hnKFRgEDQFYJ"); return true; } // end launch_viewer function launch_window (url) { preview = url, "preview", "width=550,height=300,toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status,menubar=no,scrollbars,resizable,copyhistory=no" ); window.preview.focus(); return preview; } // end launch_window IMAGE(The%20preview%20feature_dateien/votenow.gif)     IMAGE(The%20preview%20feature_dateien/voteresults.gif)

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Once or twice, when I'm posting ASCII maps and suchlike and their line length is more than the width of the text box.

Why do you want to know?


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Same as Omlette, and two or three more times. Interesting that seven people put "yes" as opposed to the one "no" and one "WAHT SI ThAT!?"

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I put "no", because it's not like I use it on a regular basis. I've used it a few times, but just to check if things look ok.

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I have never used it. I have occasionally noticed mistakes and immediately edited a post, but it has always been a true edit.

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When did you forget your signature?

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I use it often, especially when quoting someone.
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I've only used it once during my whole reign, so I voted for NO DIE DIE DIE.

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I'd use it more often,


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Never used it before

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There really isn't much of a reason for using it. That's why there's an edit button.
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