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AuthorTopic: Hello everyone!
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I am Japanese.
It doesn't understand English too much.
It is using an English interpretation tool because it is.
It may have become an odd sentence.^^;

Having amuse some games which are in this site.
Any is funny!
It is Geneforge that it liked especially.
Where is the demo version of Geneforge made able to play by it?
but the story changes here...
Whether or not not to let me know the game of everybody's recommendation?Roleplaying, Action, and so on
Let me know if the site where there is the game, too, is good.
It is a freeware and a shareware in the country which it lives in.
I, too, introduce the game of the recommendation in Japan.

It is and it is end what but it is ・・.
It will be possible to have gotten by understanding neatly or ・・・
It was in the long passage discourtesy.
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The game in the foreign country is very interesting.
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Well, it's not very hard to make good sense out of your post, but i guess that translator needs some tuning IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Hello everyone!_files/smile.gif)

but that last part is just pure poetry!

Originally written by Zabel:

It is and it is end what but it is ・・.
It will be possible to have gotten by understanding neatly or ・・・
It was in the long passage discourtesy.

very zen...

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Bad interpretation tool, bad. Understandable, amusing, but bad.

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I just wish the games would have more ninjas.

I am not really here.
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See? I told you you'd notice if I was using a translator for posting here... IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Hello everyone!_files/tongue.gif)

But yeah, It is and it is end what but it is. That's a deeply philosophical statement. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Hello everyone!_files/wink.gif)

Note his - (her?) - apology for writing such a long post. Polite, eh? IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Hello everyone!_files/smile.gif)

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Yeah, pretty cool

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Reckon we should perhaps answer their (in search of gender) question?

A little Englishification:
I'm getting fun out of playing the games mentioned on this site.
They're all funny!
Geneforge is especially the bomb.
Where is the demo version of Geneforge downloadable from (this could also be a question on how to register).

And now for something completely different...

Would you let me know what kind of games everyone recommends - roleplaying, Action, and so forth.
Let me know if the site that hosts the game is also bomb-like in nature.
Are they freeware or shareware (no idea what this one meant really).
I think it would be grouse if these games were made for Japan.
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I would say griffer splah, but I do not think that is necesary (I hate this word) and would not translate well.

WELCOME. or Ikagidesca or Ikagi desu ka or somesuch.

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Shoot that translator needs another translator, now my head hurts. Arancaytar, why would you be using a translator?

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Because he's German.

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till now Internet not used sorry
my used interpretation tool is bad interpretation.

word only ok?

as expected English not understand
I'm fool..English not understand in spite of
came here..

Japanese game introduce!

First:[Soul Eater]detail(3D Action 1.96MB)

Second:[Knight of Knights]detail(3D Action 4.8MB two persons at the same time play possible)

How to download.
1.go to on URL
2.upper download click
3.under blue triangle right click
4.Http click ok
Could understand ok?
Very good game!
Let's play!

third:[Freedom Breeze]detail(Action RPG need RPGtuku-ru2003RTP)

(under 2003rtp.exe or 2003rtp.lzh Click)
use [z][x]keys
Z+Cursor key(Attak)
X menu
Z+X character change
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Though you probably won't understand a word, and I'll get yelled at, Drakey's CoC does not approve of advertising.

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*Yells at TGM*


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Actually, I'm downloading the games he recommended. I'll tell you if they work for me...

Answer : No, because of annoying incompatibilities. Games that have Japanese letters in their filenames don't work unless you have a Japanese version of Windows. :/

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If I understand you right, Zabel, you want the full version of Geneforge. You have to register and buy the game to get the full version. You do that on this site:


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Yay! Japanese here! I'm half-Americain and Half-Japanese, so maybe I can help you a little. Anyhow, welcome to these forums.

Doko ni tsundeiruno? (I'm not too good with Japanese... have to get my mom for help X_x)

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