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AuthorTopic: (*grin*) hello
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Hello, i am new here. how goes these boards? how many members are there? (note: you can NOT email me, you can NOT private message me, and i am NOT on the active users list)
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stupid double posts...

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well, I think I'm over due for working on my text art...

code: /\
\ /
| |[/code]How does that look...

It's a really crappy tower thingy.

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I am strangley unqualified to answere your questions but I can tell you this: There is an edit button.. It should be right above your post. I tell thee this because when I was a newbie thingy I TRIPLE POSTED! Twice by accident and then a third time to apologize. I can tell you, I got quite a lot of cruel things said to me by more experienced people. So always delete repeated posts. like Cherub Rock just did.

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I'm convinced that you are OM. If you are (mods, please IP check for the rest of us), know that this isn't approved of. And while EM's middle finger is explicitly against the CoC, it's sadly deserved in this instance.

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By all the things that you said you'd do.
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Decisions that are made by you
But we are sick and tired of hearing your song,
Telling us how you are going to change right from wrong,
'Cause if you really want to hear our views,
You haven't done nothin'.

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actually, i believe that's Little Fighter. but anyway, if Pineapple behaves, i don't care whether he's OM or not.

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who is OM? who is EM? why did this dude flip me off? i'm confused! IMAGE((grin) hello_files/confused.gif)
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And so am I. But hey, considering were we are, we shouldn´t be ashamed at all. IMAGE((grin) hello_files/smile.gif)
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*Snif* Oomie smell like OM. Oomie talk like OM! Arctic smash pipsqueak oomie dat talk bad!

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Guys, stop harassing everyone with the suspicion that they're OM or some other returned member. With the release of Geneforge 2, we're likely to see an influx of new members.

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It isn't me so let the newbie be.

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