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AuthorTopic: who da man, yo
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i can never believe what came with my report card. when i looked up my mark for the Fermat math contest, the mark wasn't too good - only 106 out of 150 (i think it's 150). but when i went to pick up my report card, guess what - i scored in the top quarter of all contestants in Canada! now, i realise that this is no major achievement. but i'm not the best in math, being unable to score a final mark higher than like 92. for me, getting the top 25% is big. or at least it's like the first good thing i did in high school, being a mediocre (though not well rounded) student and very little more.

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Me too! (But in a different grade)

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You da man, Wise Man. Congrats. IMAGE(who da man, yo_files/smile.gif)

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I believe I've done that several times.....but CONGRAGULATIONS!!!!

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Nice, Wise Man. You have my congragulations as well!

I really think, as a word, congragulations sounds better than congratulations. A serendipitous typo!

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Oh the fun

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good job yo, u da man dawg.

Seriously, congratulations. I'm not sure exactly what you said, but I think it was about good grades, so... I'm sure that's good. I think my overall average for the year was a 91 or 92 out of 100, how that compares I know not. I'm not up to rereading posts.

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Congratulations, WM! I have no idea how your Canadian grades work, but if you surpass your own expectations then you're doing well.

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Good job IMAGE(who da man, yo_files/biggrin.gif)

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