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Poll for Atheists and Agnostics... in General
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Originally posted by Red Scare:

(If you're not Atheist or Agnostic, then this poll is not for you, but you are heartilly encouraged to visit the Landover Baptist Church website.)

You know, I'm getting pretty damn tired of people assuming that a few blithering idiots (aka, religious zealots) are representative of an entire religion. And if that is the implication here, than whatever respect I had for you, Red Scare, has vanished.

Just as Bin ladin isn't a good example of a Muslim, because he is a radical extreamist bent on destruction, where as your average Muslim is not, because Osama is worth millions where as your average Muslim, especially in the Middle East, is not, and because Osama Bin ladin sees nothing wrong with the senseless slaughter of innocents, where as your average Muslim does have a moral code that generally prohibits killing.

The same goes for this site. It is stupid and extreamist, and the implication that somehow every Christian, or even (as here) anyone with any religion should go to this site, as a way to convince them to abandon thier religion is not only a clear logical fallacy, it is also an unconcionable misrepresentation.
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Message From Spiderweb - Brain Blocked in Blades of Avernum
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I really want to see a return of the Fireball-Firestorm and Divine Thud line. If the AoE doesn't work in the engine, make it a cloud/wall style attack, that lasts exactly one turn, and does a ton of damage.

A melee stun-style ability. Like a drop-kick or Glaahk power.

Mindduel, resistant skipping spell, SOMETHING, ANYTHING to kill those Rhaskasa with. Stupid cats.

Duel Wield. I don't know if it will be possible in the engine, but I want to see duel wielding again, two weapons.

And, if you have DEX and MELEE WEAPONS, high enough, Ambidextrious Fighting opens up, a yes or no (boolian) skill, determining wieghter or not you have a penalty on the second weapon.
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Which Spells and abilities do you want included? in Blades of Avernum
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I'd like mindduel if it could be made stronger. It takes too long to disable a foe with mindduel.

First, It would need to work on Rakshasa. I hate them, you hate them, whack them with a smoky crystal and your friend mindduel.

ANd it needs to kill in one or two turns. Minddueling a foe 30 times is redundant and a bit annoying.
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