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Originally written by m's devotee:

Does anyone here know who Croikle was? Was/is he a part of this community?
I do. :D I was just passing through and happened to see this, with a stroke of luck. I was active earlier, when I had lots of free time to play RPGs, but unfortunately academics has gotten in the way. It's nice to see that people still remember me from however many years ago as the one who started all this. If I had gotten into GF2 more I might have made an editor (after all, most of the work was already done), but making the first editor kind of spoiled the fun of the story, since I had to look at a lot of the scripts to learn all of the information. Still, it was fun to make, since I had to discover the format of the scripts just from looking at examples and seeing how they worked in the game.

This looks like an interesting idea for an editor, though it has the possibility to really screw up your game (and it's only for Windows). There's a lot more you can do when you're editing the memory than when you're just doing what the scenario can do. Neat project!

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