Blades of Exile Source Code Released

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AuthorTopic: Blades of Exile Source Code Released
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Does anyone think that one day we might see a Nintendo DS port ? From the little I understand of programming, might'nt it be conceivable to make it run under DSLinux (c++ support has vastly improved recently, as pixil approaches dslinux release).

So ?
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While DS homebrew is certainly useful. I'm not sure if the DS can support enough memory(even with the external ram packs) to run it...

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Again, I'm not authorithy on the matter so I'm not sure how much this is relevant but games such as Quake 1 have been ported on the DS.

Oh well, I hope some day a programmer will have the same idea and maybe get something to work. I played BoE for years, it would be fantastic to have it on the go !
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Originally written by Celtic Minstrel:

Originally written by Arenax:

I'm ripping apart the source code in an attempt to port it to C#

Please, no C#! This is originally a Macintosh game, and C# is basically a Windows programming language. It needs to run on both platforms.
Originally written by Thomas Frost:

Is there any compiled registed version for windows? 16 bit will do
Ormus had a Win32 release. Check out this thread.

C# will work on Mac OS X AS LONG AS it is Mono compatible. And Ormus's release functions as if it was unregistered.
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Still, it's probably best to stick to C/C++. As for the unregisteredness of the game, that probably has something to do with the preferences file or the registry or something like that. I don't know how to fix it though.
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