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I think this board is mainly for people creating scenarios but my question is about gameplay. Is there another forum for people that have newbie questions?

I came across this game on a CD collection of games. It seems to be a whole lot of fun but something seems to be missing.
I've been all over the surface map and three or four towns, and have yet to come across a trainer, boats, horses or someone to buy any extra equipment from my PCs. Is the help file for this from another game? It mentions Yanmitho in Fort Emergence but these seem to be elsewhere.

I'm assuming it is possible to train PCs up because of the accumulated points. Can someone steer me in the right direction? (either to a trainer or to another source of information, if this is not the right forum for this)

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for buying stuff, go to Formello, and for training you have indeed this yanmitho. He is very close to the room you started. When you leave your room and go south, you eventually come to a hall with some pilars in it. You have three doors there I think: two which you just came out of (that big hallway that leads to your room) and a third on the left side of it. In that room you can find it.

Just one thing: This is Exile 3. you should have posted this in the exile trilogy forum (or you mixed up the names of the forts, but I think that's higly unlikely.)

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Unless of course you're trying to play Blades of Exile with the Exile 3 documentation, in which case (a) no wonder you're confused and (b) we'll need to know which scenario you're playing.

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In Valley of the Dying Things, there is a trainer in Sweetgrove. Or maybe Marralis.

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It's in Sweetgrove. I remember.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure a couple shareware CDs have the BoE demo with the E3 documentation. I'll send you the BoE docs if you want.

EDIT: Are you on Mac or Windows? I have Windows, and I don't know if Windows docs would work on a Mac.

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You guys are being way too helpful.

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Originally written by Not I:

You guys are being way too helpful.
Yeah. I was going to say that you'd definately find a trainer in Warrior's Grove. :P

With all those help pop-up menus, though, you'd think the game would be pretty self-explanatory. Or it was for me anyway. But in that case I did have the correct documentation when I needed to look some stuff up.

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Yes, it would appear that I have the wrong documentation. Or something with errors, anyway, since most of the help files deal with Blades of Exile. (Which is what I'm playing)

I figured it out. The trainer was in Sweetgrove - there is no Fort in the Shareware scenario. A confused-looking individual that was sort of wandering around in an empty room. I was expecting something a bit more grand from a trainer. :)

Interesting comment about "being way too helpful". Rather an odd one, too.

Question: is there anyway to get this entire program online, once it's registered? Ordering a CD by mail seems a little arcane.

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EDIT: Never mind. Kel is right. I just searched my old e-mails and found that as soon as they process your order (usually a few hours after you send it) they send you e-mail with download location and password.

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I'm fairly sure they can give you a download location for the full version and give you the password stuff to download it while you're waiting for the CD.

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