Capture Soul Spell?

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AuthorTopic: Capture Soul Spell?
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The walkthrough references a Capture Soul spell. I've found Simulacrum, but no sign of Capture Soul...does it exist in Nethergate?
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Not under that name as capture soul. It's probably a hold over from Avernum games where it's 2 different spells where one captures and the other makes the copy.
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I know that this is probanly off topic but i know there are no Vanhatai are not in nethergate to give you the crystal to cast simalacrum in that game sorry if i'm being rude.
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The walkthrough says that the capture soul spell is under the Temple of the Brigantia. You can find the simulacrum spell there..and the beastskin spell. Also in a secret area you'll find create elixir. I have to agree with the wise Nethergate sage...the Capture Soul reference was pretty much a flub.


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