Weird glitch with NPC stats (Celt)

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AuthorTopic: Weird glitch with NPC stats (Celt)
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I was playing as the Celts, and after I'd seen the crones, and visited the fairy-lady in the ruined keep, I ran to Vanarium to grab some help. The NPCs didn't want anything to do with me on account of the curse the crones had placed me under, so I went to the Bazaar and saw what's-her-name, and she said she needed a fresh dragon scale. So, I went to see the dragon. I beat the stuffing out of the little lizards, got to see the mighty scalehead, and he informed me that he'd shed one of his scales in a small room at the west? end of his castle. I found it, took it to the old lady, she de-cursed me, I went to Vanarium to pick up an NPC. Now, I saved before I grabbed one, so I could get a look at one's scores and abilities, then grab the other and look at his.
Oddly, both of them had:
4 Strength
6 Dexterity
6 Intelligence
6 Endurance
4 Melee Weapons
4 Spears
4 Slings
4 Javalins
And zeroes for every other skill.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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That part of the skills seems right. But the Roman should have tool use 4 and the Druid should have 4 in the druidism and the first 4 spell circles.

Check and see if the druid can cast spells. It shouldn't have gotten past testing so if this still a problem, then you have a corrupt file. In which case redownload and go back to the start before returning to Vanarium to hire.
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Druid merc is for Romans.
Celts get to pick from two fighter types. They have identical stats, except the Roman guy has Tool Use 4, and the Celt gal has Fairy Lore 4.
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