Ruined hall question?

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AuthorTopic: Ruined hall question?
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I'm in the ruined hall and have found two of the un locking stones...Kind of going in circles..tell me it's not possible that I may not be able to find the third since i'm trapped in the hall.
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From Schrodinger's and Zeviz's Nethergate Page (see the forum header):
[b]You will need to obtain 3 opening stones. One is found in the NE in a hidden room, another is in the east pool, and the third one is SW on a body (cross the lava), and the fourth is found by jumping down from a cliff in the west.
Jumping down the cliff to get a stone will of course harm you a bit, so try get the other one you're missing.

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There are actually 4 stones in the Ruined Hall, but you only need 3 to open the door.

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One is in a box in one of those spider infected rooms you pass shortly after you've come down into the lower level, one is in one of the pools, a third in a secret niche at the north of the goblin infected area. The fourth one across the lava can be a little difficult should your party's health points not be up to walking the fire, but you don't need it anyway.

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To reduce damage on the opening stone across the lava, go into fight mode after searching the body. The other party members can retreat using wait commands so only the first member takes damage. No exchanging places onto the burning lava.
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great hints..thanks
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