Weird bug (teleport out of town)

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AuthorTopic: Weird bug (teleport out of town)
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Start a new game (Celt or Roman - this apparently works for both). Delete the first character, customize the rest however you like, then begin. Once you get to the map, before moving or anything, create a new character. Have him trade places with someone else, then delete him. Now, take one step in any direction, and you'll be warped to the far northwest corner of town. While this lets you avoid receiving your first mission, it's probably not actually useful. Just a very strange glitch.
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I'm pretty sure this was mentioned in testing. I guess Jeff never got around to fixing it.

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I saw it playing a singleton and didn't think much of it since you can reenter the town with no affect on playing.
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If you trigger the bug before getting the first mission, there's no way to reenter town, as the gates are all closed. Granted, you're not losing much progress, but it's kind of annoying to have to go back through character creation again.
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