Sacking Vanarium (Spoiler)

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AuthorTopic: Sacking Vanarium (Spoiler)
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For those that don't want to leave any loot behind, I tried killing off everyone in Vanarium. It's not really worth the effort in treasure, but you do get the four in the Inn united against you.

Manius Voltinia - iron studded armor, iron longsword
Silius - iron dagger
Drusilla - iron dagger
Titus - iron dagger
Velanna - iron dagger
Brigid - leather armor
Numerius - iron studded armor, iron longsword, iron large shield
Marcus - boots, fine leather helmet, leather armor
Rhian - iron chain mail, superior longsword
Midori - superior longsword, iron chain mail, haste draught

Centurions guarding Vanarium can drop:
fine leather armor, boots, leather armor, iron spear, fine leather armor

Then there are a few not yours items that you can now steal with out any witnesses.

Manius Voltinia's desk - papyrus sheets
Drusilla's boxes - wand of coills, fine small shield, silver ring, silver bracelet
Midori - 2 haste scrolls, spiritual herbs, 4 healing herbs, cerimonial dagger, flagon

Also the druids guarding a patch of spiritual and mistletoe south of Vanarium in the woods. A high druid and 3 druids drop steel chain mail, iron studded armor, some swords and healing draughts.
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Meh. That doesn't really seem worth it.

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I have no problem stealing from Vanarium. Been there..done it. Happily. But you've missed mentioning what I think is a rather important steal from Manius Voltinia; Sylak's Assisting Horn. Finally, an artifact from Sylak that might actually help!


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