Playing Evil (possible spoiler)

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AuthorTopic: Playing Evil (possible spoiler)
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Has anyone played the game through as an evil party. For example robbing beggars and looting without doing any good actions. I was wondering since if you play good you get a reward at that place west of the Hollow Hills. There is a place near Vanarium where you get depraved thoughts, but no reward.

Edit - I looked at the script to see the possible reward in Nethergate: Resurrection --- cool.

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Hmm. I haven't checked that, but I will on my next run-through.

Oh wait. :mad:

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I assume it's the same for the original Nethergate. It isn't easy to be evil since there are so many little good things that you can accidentally do like helping Bevan retrieve his daughter in Galag Trav.
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Yeah, I actually did this once. I like games where "karma" and "reputation" are involved as a tangible, such as oh-god-yes masterpieces like Interplay's Fallout and its even-better sequel.

Uh, Nethergate + Evil: Turns out to be quite a challenge... this whole bad guy thing.

You have to remember to pick the malevolent choice for even the most mundane things (not always clear given the potential plot twists), the game script is kinda skewed to you being a "good guy", you have to remind yourself to kill everything, become the CEO of a failing mega-consortium, pump up the forecast of annual earnings artificially, and sell the company under the shareholders noses, invade Iraq to cover up your failing presidency, etc.

No... wait... wrong RPG. That's CNN.

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The obvious question is: By starting off evil and becoming good, can you get both bonuses?

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I looked through the scripts and couldn't find enough points to get both bonuses. I might have missed a few in the town scripts.

It looks like it would be easier to become good first and then work your way to evil. Evil has a nasty kick where you get marked so you don't want to claim the reward until the endgame.

Edit - I'm now pretty sure that Jeff deliberately left out enough points to keep you from claiming both rewards. There are only 68 negative points and that's if you are Roman. It's even worse as a Celt. There would then be only 25 positive points for the good reward if you use only 60 of the negative points. 30 positive points to get the good reward leaves 58 negative points. So you only can power game for one.

I'll post the complete info when the game is released.

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