Picked the lock on a Sylak key door

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AuthorTopic: Picked the lock on a Sylak key door
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I 'm running through as a Roman with nimble fingers trait, 1 tool use, and ordinary lockpick (+10%) in the Abandon Mine. I haven't recovered any Sylak keys yet in the game. I accidently hit pick lock going past a door and it popped open. I checked later and all the doors have 0% chance of being picked. So I looted the room think why wasted a chance.

Has anyone else tried to do this? I just got extremely lucky since this shouldn't be possible.
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I suppose others have done it but I can't recall if I have.

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I think it's just a random stroke of luck. I remember one time when I was playing as the Romans using the default party, that I went over the really steep drop inside the goblin mine at the very beginning of the game before I had trained at all, and Titus somehow managed to survive the fall. In summary, Nethergate sometimes decides that it likes you. :P

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