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I was browsing Wikipedia and found that there was no Article on Nethergate in it, so, i took about 2 1/2 hours of my time, and created one. What id like is for th eNethergate fan community to correct any errors i made, because i haven't palyed the game all the way through in a while.


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I would take issue with the highly non-linear statement; it is also spelled wrong. Non-linear implies you get to pick a side, and you have side quests to do when you want, but the main storyline has a set order that cannot be done any other way.

In E3/A3 it was theoretically possible to skip some of the monster plagues altogether. That is what I call non-linear. Nethergate has you do the same five/six chapters in order.

Several endings is iffy also. I believe you really get three (Romans win, Romans where Celts still get wands and beat Romans in end, and Celts win but are forced to migrate). I would call this, 'a few' not 'several'.

Otherwise, all right. A little uneven in the amount of detail, but okay.

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I fixed up a little bit of spelling and grammar, but I didn't go through the whole article.

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I'm partway through rewriting the section on plot.

Edit: Feel free to add your own additions to the Nethergate article in the meantime though. It'll take some time before I get around to finishing the rewrite - and I'll be sure to merge anything useful first.

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