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AuthorTopic: Good music
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Like everybody else? Hmh, he doesn't even know me. :P

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Me either... :(

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I myself think Jeff is cool, I kinda look up to him as a very good programer and game desiner, I play Spiderweb games almost as much as I play Big name ones like EA Sports or Squaresoft. I have spread the word of Spiderweb so that he can get more $$ from games. I have a best friend in particular who is DYING to buy GF and GF2.

:D ;)

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I once sent a mail asking him if there would be a sequel to Nethergate and the answer was no. The reasons were that while a lot of people liked the game it wasn´t worth the effort to make a second one.

He´s not evil, I recieved an answer to said mail and once got a few registration codes replaced when they were lost due to a change of computers.
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He's always answered mine...maybe it's just you.

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[sorry, idk what happened, this pso appered in the wrong place]

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there should definitely be a sequel. maybe all us nethergate fans should join together and just create one or help jeff make one. bring back nethergate

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